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I present to you Comrade Laski’s tale
In modern times it’d read [spoiler alert] epic fail
But this was the sixties/seventies
The decade of strange amenities
Laski was another American Red
This time even his own Comrades thought him better dead
Laski & Co backed the Chairman Mao
To the Bourgeoisie they said `Kapow!`
But Groups for Peoples Armed Defence
Cost quite a lot in dollars and pence
But Laski had a plan that would turn the tide
He’d go to Vegas and let it all ride!
As we know Lady Luck is quite fickle
Even to those shaded by the Hammer & Sickle
To his eternal regret
He lost every bet
And showing judgement quite poor
Raided the party treasury and bet more and more
But thought the wheel did spin and spin
He still could not win
It wasn’t just the dice that gave him the snake eye
He was denounced by a proletarian cry
But after failing at roulette and committing such impropriety
He damn well refused to try his luck at the Russian variety
He reached for his gun, this scourge of the right
Would go down blazing, in a gunfight
And so ends the tale of Laski the political Rambler
Who tried his luck as a gambler
In the end it wasn’t anything he wrote
That ensured his place as a Radical footnote.
Put it all on Red!
This is the story of Michael Laski General Secretary of the Communist Party USA (Marxist Leninist) a group that peaked at 50 members. And yes this is a true story he did lose his party's funds on a trip through Nevada. The only exaggeration is the gunfight, it wasn't a shootout but he did threaten other members with a shotgun and a pistol, and even fired into the air several times during meetings that criticised him.…

Unsurprisingly they got rid of him, and also unsurprisingly the group folded.
In the year of our Lord Seventeen Seventy Six
Things were going on in the Imperial sticks
Out in the Colonies Thirteen
They declared People Supreme
And birthed a new nation into the mix

It seems they all wished to be free
And showed great disrespect to tea
To protest King’s Largess
They formed a Congress
And bombarded His Majesty with a plea

Having fail to impress upon jurisprudence
Grabbed muskets an declared independence
Fought Redcoat an Hessian
Who made quite the Messian
And forced the King to commit costly vengeance

From Georgia to the tips of Maine
And funding from France and Spain
They built an army
And behaved calmly
And marched in sun, frost and rain

It is more than fair to mention
They did better than expectation
Though for a time
Not in battle line
Such was the cause of their desperation

Lacking in the tools of convention
They gave plots more than a mention
Going where Eagles Dare
By sailing the Delaware
They inflicted a state of exasperation

Which lead to the withdrawal of Cornwallis
With the signing of peace in the city of Paris
And to mark this defy
They celebrate 4th of July
With the building of modern polis
Communism appears to have a very serious and long standing problem despite having a very basic definition, -`A society without classes and states organised by Communes (hence the name Communism)`- and having adherents all over the world ensuring even the basics are translated into most languages, time and again most people including its alleged adherents don't seem to grasp what it actually is, leading to all sorts of strange conclusions and antics.

This is nothing new or unique mind, quite a few people describe themselves as Capitalist despite not owning any actual Capital.

But oddly enough the internet age which has made access to information much easier and quicker has made this strange phenomenon even worse. For example let's take a look at the comments for this deviation it appears to have stimulated quite a heated debate amongst some so called Comrades. One in particular stood out and no its not the bible quoting fellow -though he counts as an example- no deviant I'd like to have a look at here is Schrodinger-Excidium AKA Schroddie. Schroddie's the one with the grinning Horse avatar on the 2nd page.

Now before I continue a little disclaimer might be in order, this isn't a personal attack I'm merely using here publicly stated views as an example because they've done the impossible and covered nearly every subject and attitude that seems to plague this new generation of "Revolutionaries". I'm not interested in gossip or speculation about her in anyway, her profile says she's a 17 year old girl from Germany and I believe here (it actually explains a few things, but more on that later).

So here we go, oh and for context these comments were part of a discussion with another critical user. mclj10

1st comment:

"where I am living, communists beat gays and participates in torchlight processions against gays."

Now this is interesting in that I could find no verification, I've searched online, I've asked Schroddie for confirmation and she has yet to respond, I've even asked friends in Germany who are active in the Labour movement if anything like this has happened, and they haven't been able to find anything either. So either she's living somewhere else or making stuff up.

But leaving that aside its still quite clear that she's a homophobe an at least indifferent to violence against those she disapproves of.

2nd Comment:

`Homosexuality is bad. Homosexuality injures the fabric of society(1), especially children. Homosexuality is anti procreation(2).
Homophobia is good. Homosexuality does not offer the stability of a traditional family(3). My grandfather was a communist and from Ministry of State Security of the GDR "Stasi". His job has been arresting gays and criminals(4). Children need the stability of a traditional family. Communists should to have more children(5) - future warriors Red ArmyFlag Of Soviet Union.`

Where do I start?

1:If you're worried about "the fabric of society" then you can't be a Revolutionary since the whole point of Revolution is to, well tear up the fabric of society and build a new one in its place.
2:Funnily enough one of the major reasons homosexuals in most countries wish to obtain marital status is so they can be eligible for things like IVF, the idea that homosexual couples are a threat to the birth rate is a rather old idea that was quite popular in Imperial Germany though. So unless Schroddie subscribes to Ferdinand Lassalle's concept of the `Socialist Kaiser` its hard to see the Communist connection.
3:I guess Schroddie has never read Engels, I'm also curious what her views on orphans are.
4: A fun little fact since the DDR had decriminalised homosexuality, -making it one of the first nations to do so- Stasi harassment of homosexuals was mainly to build up a network of informants, or discredit party members. Another fun little fact is that this harassment often involved the use of a "Romeo" an attractive male Stasi agent who would come on to suspected gays.  
5: Again this is exactly the same argument that Conservative German Imperialists used with a reference to the colour Rot thrown in.  

3rd Comment:

`Homosexuality is Jewish invention(1). Jews invented homosexuality order to destroy white people and white communists(2).
>When leftists arrange torchlight processions is good.
>When nationalists arrange torchlight processions is bad.
>When arrange gay parade is bad.
In the north-eastern Germany, Dresden, Berlin and other cities and villages - young people, anti-nazi demonstrators, leftists and communists organize torchlight processions against the government, nationalists and other enemies. This is the new tradition leftists.(3)
Every year I take part in torchlight procession in the center of my city. It looks very beautiful ! You feel like you are in heaven there - the healing energy is sooo powerful! In your city leftists and communists organize  anti-nazi torchlight processions?`

1: Yes you read that correctly, a "communist" believes in a Jewish plot, this particular Jewish plot is (somehow) an attack on the "white race" whatever the hell she means by that. It's also curious how someone can be a "Communist" and not aware of the often spouted calumny that Communism, indeed all forms of revolutionary movement are a Jewish plot, e.g. Karl Marx, Trotsky, Emma Goldman, Alex Berkman etc.
2: You know strangely enough this idea also has a long history in Germany. In the 17th Century the German legalist Benedict Carpzow argued that same sex sexual relations and sex with Jews (by non Jews) should fall under the category of Sodomy-bestiality because he viewed Jews as animals. Much later on in the late 1800's the German homosexual reform movement was headed by a man called Magnus Hirschfield a Jewish homosexual. When the Nazi's arrived on the scene they were very keen to point out the connection. So first we had the Kaiser now we have Der Fuhrer, clearly the Revolution is in save hands.
3: Can't be a very effective tradition if they allow people with views like Schroddie to take part. But then that's always been the flaw in `Anti-Fascism` its such a broad term that it often includes groups it should be confronting.

Her last comment was just a bunch of video links to some demonstrations so it's not really worth looking at.

So we have an alleged Communist promoting family values, the preservation of the "white race" and decrying Jewish plots. Ah but its okay though because she likes marching through German cities with a torch.

After reading Schroddie's comments I checked out her profile I see she recently made a journal about leaving. It makes for interesting reading since it explains (sort of) her attraction to Communism.

`Unfortunately, I failed to become a «true» communist, probably because I never was a communist.`

Ah well problem solved right? Not quite here's how it continues.

`I liked communism because the Communists against the Muslims, gays, lesbians(1), capitalists, oligarchs and other subhumans(2). I have always had problems with Muslims. I hate them.`

1: No they're not they really aren't, the Communist opposition to religion is about the way Religious groups organise in society. Karl Marx's famous description of religion as "the Opiate of the masses" was a criticism of the church using the promise of a paradise in the next world to keep the downtrodden content. It applies to all religions equally. The only works by Communists that single out Islam that I know are by ex and practising Muslim Communists describing the society they live in.
2: Now there's a term you won't find in circulating in party bulletins.

But now here she's disavowed here supposed Communism, which is good, unfortunately it leaves open the very important question of just how such a person would come to identify with Communism when they have so much baggage. She even goes on to state a new found interest in Phrenology a scientific field discredit over a hundred years ago.

`I like to measure the head or skull of different people. And then speak: «…This man of the Nordic race, or this person Alpine race…».`

Clearly this embarrassment needs to be addressed.
There was a time not long ago, when we marched in step and line
To usher in the glorious new time,
When we strived to free every slave and serf
In every corner of this rotten earth,
It mattered not who called the shot
So long as they weren’t a dirty Trot.

But things are no longer sweet
We’ve drunk deep from the well of defeat,
Now there’s an awful rattle
And the redrawing of the lines of battle,
Once there was the workers and the Bourgeoisie
Now its Nationalists and Conspiracists and the damn Nazi.

Not everything’s changed though
Thousands worship Mao, Hoxha and even Uncle Joe,
Though I wonder how they can sleep
With the company they keep,
It seems that now that the Comrades are few
Some have started to blame the Jew.

It seems acquainting the Fascist with the pavement
Is a forgotten statement,
Others still hate the modern Boxwallah
They’ll gladly line up behind the Ayatollah,
Others yet so blinded in their hatred of the Yank
Will champion the Russian tank.
Still others have abandoned the dream of workers bliss
For the promise of legalised Cannabis
Others have chucked out female liberation
To champion female corporate exploitation
And some once happy to embrace the black militant
Will gladly line up to decry the immigrant

And still yet another tiny section
Is knee-deep in persecution
They dearly wish they could forever miss
The first time they witnessed a same sex kiss
And have forgotten Workers Unite!
To ally with the religious right

And our reinforcements! Like this child
Whose `socialism` is extremely mild,
Who thinks class war means acting out in school
And only signed up because they think Red Stars are cool,
Surely the Capitalists must tremble with fear
With the era of progressive taxation so very near.

Yes something indeed has gone awry
Surely we must soon bid goodbye
To the Marxist dream of Workers unity
Surely Something has Gone Awry?
A piece of criticism based on my observations of the modern day Communist movement. The second to last stanza is based heavily on a younger me, though I know my worst antics at the time are actually very common amongst teenage "Revolutionaries".

My inspiration comes from the Joe Glazer song "Something has gone awry" an similar criticism of the Communist movement of the 60's/70's.
Modern Habitual Disenchantment or MHD is a collection of poems by Joshua Deeds AKA DurtyDeeds93, it’s a collection of free verse, with at least one entry embrace qualifying as short prose.  It’s on Googleplay and priced at $1. The poems are broken down into three collections connected loosely by subject matter. Those collections are Pain, Disillusioned and Anger. There are common themes and language in all three but each has a different target and so offers some variety.


The poems collected under pain are appropriately painful to read, I mean that in a good way.  They share a narrative of a relationship breakdown -possibly more than one- from the point of view of one of the survivors, and it does feel like the character (possibly the author, the details and vivid language seem to be coming from a personal place) is surviving a traumatic episode. The tone is bitter and the language vulgar and angry.
I don’t usually care for this sort of poetry but the pace and the fact that Deeds manages to resist the temptation to use fancy `romantic` words and sticks to language a normal human being would use in this situation helped draw me in. Deeds also has a gift for creating images with his words, I was constantly picturing a dark mostly empty home covered in wrappers and used comic books with knocked over picture frames.

“Your morality is a cover for something deeper, darker and sinister.
Your generosity is tainted with emotional baggage, despair and hate.
Cracks are showing.”


Disillusioned is a shorter section and a bit different. It retains the bitterness but targets American society, or more accurately what American society is alleged to be. Attacks on Patriotism, war, politicians and the callous attitudes to the poor and downtrodden all feature prominently. Read together Disillusioned tells the story of a man learning his beliefs are myths and the reality is a lot uglier then he imagined.

“We have created something ugly
A War based Republic,
A 21st Century Weimar.”

A loss of innocence that leads us to


Subject wise anger is a mix of the previous too sections, though the title is appropriate. Individual poems expose a rage and frustration within that depending on the poem is either directed at elements of society or a person they were once very close too. And a reiteration of that characters determination to survive and get through these events and possible extract some payback. It’s a confused and disjointed section, but Anger is a confusing and disjointed emotion flicking through targets and responses as and when they present themselves.

“I have a fascination with the dangerous
Knives, Swords and Modern Cavalry.
I persist. I study, I become, I am.”

Overall I endured MHD I think most who give it a chance will too, some of the language in some of the poems may be a bit too crude and the imagery a bit too violent for some though. If you’re the type of person who believes poetry should be about beauty and warmth I’d advise looking elsewhere there’s not much warmth and beauty to be found here.
Modern Habitual Disenchantment: A Review
A review of a collection of poetry and my first Googleplay purchase. I suppose its only fair to mention that I and the author do get along quite well but since I still had to pay for this I don't think that qualifies as a conflict of interest.

Oh and if you find yourself curious but hesitant then why not checkout Deeds collection to see if you like his style?…

Link to the collection itself…


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Been quite a while actually, sorry about that. I took a break to focus on a short story for a competition, finished it but really didn't like it after proof reading, still it was good practice. After that I kinda started drawing blanks so haven't written much, though I have been visited by some local wildlife so I was able to keep up my photography so it wasn't a complete rot.

Oh I was going to give that NaNoWriMo a go this year since I had a few ideas started but got side tracked, maybe next year. I'm currently busy transcribing one of my favourite books online, Conquered City by Victor Serge, I'm about half way (though someone else did the first four chapters) page wise. If you like historical novels I recommend checking it out.…

Been practising my German and Esperanto too, I've just about started translating German texts, or rather bits of German texts. I hope to be back to writing again soonish.


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Hello there, how are you? I'm a part time writer of both factual articles and the odd social commentary, and the rest of my time is divided up between Boxing and tinkering with some amateur fiction.

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